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Professional and College Ice Hockey Solutions

High-performance video analysis software for top-level competition.

Power your team’s performance with one comprehensive resource.

Enhance scouting, player development and team communication with our database of video and data.

In-depth video library with games from top leagues around the world

Best-in-class statistics

Sync video directly from Hudl Instat with Hudl Sportscode and Studio.

Analysis Solutions

Analysis for every workflow.

Online, offline and real-time video and data tools.

Powerful coding tools

Customized scripting capabilities

Video review from any device

Distribution Solutions

Effortless asset management.

Share data and video from a secure, cloud-based platform.

Connect the entire team

Cultivate consistency

Connect your league

“Hudl has been a vital part of our team's success in the NHL for years. The software increases our productivity through the ability to instantly generate reports, all while organizing and labeling high quality video.”

Brett Leonhardt

Assistant Coach, Washington Capitals

Streamline your workflow.

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