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Distribution Solutions

Effortless asset management.

Share data and video from a secure, cloud-based platform.

The ability to access video and data where and when you need it most accelerates team development and organizational collaboration.

Connect the entire team.

Upload, share and control video and analysis from one centralized library to give the whole team access from any device.

Stream from any device

Group video by team units

Share customized clips and playlists

Hudl at Sydney FC

How Video Analysis Helped Fuel Sydney FC's Winning Culture

Set a standard.

Build a club-wide video analysis process from coaches and recruitment to medical and academy staff.

Assign permission levels

Take administrative control

Monitor usage from a single account

Unite your league.

Easily share data and video with every team in your league on a secure cloud-based exchange.

Access third-party data apps

Download multiple angles of video

Receive content dynamically after the game

Access video and data where you need it most.

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High-performance video and data on one connected platform.

Automatic Record
and Upload

Online, Offline and Real-Time Review

The Football Library