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Fully Customizable Performance Analysis

The new Hudl Sportscode is more powerful and more intuitive with better scripting, faster interactions and easier integrations with your custom workflow.

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With easy, intuitive workflows and a stronger, more powerful engine, Hudl Sportscode is a completely new take on our industry-leading solution and the most advanced edition yet.


Gaining an edge on the competition requires flexible workflows that adapt to any situation.

your workflow.

Elevate your current processes with customizable coding and scripting tools that allow you to analyze what matters most to your team.

Customized MacOS offline coding tools

Powerful scripting capabilities

Improved timeline and video performance

Hudl at SC Paderborn

Rising to the Challenge

Having achieved two promotions in two seasons, learn how the German Bundesliga club use video analysis to enhance their game analysis, develop players, and provide a coaching pathway.

Integrate seamlessly.

Hudl Sportscode connects with our collection of online, offline and real-time video and data analysis tools to create a more streamlined experience.

Live capture for in-game decisions

Interactive player reports linked directly to video

Analysis accessible and shareable from any device

Telestration and graphics Studio

"We use Hudl and Sportscode daily to prepare for our next opponents, analyze our last match and to prepare for training sessions.”

Danilo de Souza

Assistant Manager, SC Paderborn

Hudl at Leicester Tigers

Video Analysis Underpins Leicester Tigers Rugby Match Prep

Get more out of your workflow with these connected analysis solutions.

Code live from anywhere on
an iPad.

Instant replay for teams
using Sportscode.

On-demand video analysis services provided by Hudl’s experts.

Your new home for telestration

Improve your code and output windows.

Download buttons, graphs and more from the Sportscode Design Toolkit.

See what a customized solution looks like for your team.

Compare our available tiers or fill out the form below to request a demo.