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Pro Services

Consultancy services for high‑performance sport

World class experience and expertise solving the biggest challenges in elite sport.

“You play football with your head, and your legs are there to help you.” – Johan Cruyff

Data as a Service

Data consultancy to help clubs and federations maximize decision making across their sporting operations.

Guide you through what’s needed to build an effective data strategy.

Support developing efficient data-driven, high performance workflows.

Build and maintain bespoke dashboards to increase the impact of analysis.

Player Recruitment

We develop and implement bespoke processes to link your recruitment strategy to your team’s philosophy.

Balance expert opinion and evidence

Link organisation purpose with player DNA

Maximise return on investments

Head Coach Search

Proactively plan for change.

A turnkey process that uses evidence to guide decision makers

A data-based approach to head coach search

Track candidates based on a range of relevant traits

Effective Performance Analysis

Develop or fine-tune performance analysis workflows.

Design roadmaps for integrated video and analysis linked to central-game model

Deploy central analysis hub to drive all aspects of performance

A single database of team and player data, from multiple sources, for deeper performance insights

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Pro Services

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