Hudl, RBFA and the Pro League recently announced a world first agreement to provide a connected solution that powers analysis between leagues, clubs and the national team. 

As part of a unique deal, camera technology will be installed in all 23 stadiums across Belgium’s top two divisions to provide a wide-angle view of matches, in contrast to the restricted view that television footage once provided analysts in Belgium.

Additionally, software enabling live match analysis will be delivered alongside an innovative video exchange - A centralised hub where all matches throughout Belgium will be available to access.

Belgium National Team Manager and Technical Director of the RBFA Roberto Martinez explains the value of the partnership to Belgian football.  

“It’s essential, for an analyst, for a coach, for a team, for a player, to access the latest technology,” said Martinez. “It allows you to be at the forefront of being part of a high-performance environment.”

For RBFA Head of Performance Analysis and Innovation Luke Benstead, a key strength of this partnership with Hudl is how it affects football across the federation as a whole.

“The best part about this partnership with Hudl is that it contacts all areas of football within Belgium,” said Benstead. “So it’s not just men’s football in the Pro League, but also women’s football and academy football and amateur football.”

Take a look at our video at the top of page which explains this great new partnership in detail.  

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