Sunday Worship

9:30 am Hybrid Worship with Holy Communion
A weekly celebration of God’s radical love and hospitality. We gather to hear the ancient Biblical stories proclaimed for today, sing songs of praise and thanksgiving, pray for the needs of the world, and feast on God’s abundance in Holy Communion. We are then sent as forgiven and renewed people to serve others in Jesus’ name.

In-person worship at Grace

What you can expect in worship
Our weekly worship service, also called liturgy, literally means “the work of the people.”  This means that we all do something together in worship. When the community gathers each Sunday, we don’t just sit and listen to someone talk, or watch someone do special things up front.  Together we sing, we pray, we listen, we greet one another in peace, we share bread and wine. 

Worship at Grace follows the historic pattern of Christian worship inherited from our ancestors in faith.  This ancient pattern can be described in four words; Gathering (the Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God), Word (God speaks to us in scripture, preaching and song), Meal (God feeds us with the presence of Jesus Christ) and Sending (God blesses us and sends us in mission to the world).  

If you are visiting us from the Episcopal or Roman Catholic traditions, you will find the liturgy very familiar and easy to follow. Yet we make every effort to make the service accessible to all, including printing a bulletin each Sunday. Most visitors find that after a few weeks, the service “grows on them” and that they appreciate the balance between speech, singing, and ritual.

Following Worship – Coffee Hour
After worship, we often gather for coffee, snacks and conversation.  Adults can often be found talking and kids can often be found playing together.  We hope you will have a cup of coffee with us.  

Easter Morning Coffee