Get Involved


Each Sunday, one or two youths assist in worship leadership. They perform a series of vital tasks on the altar throughout the service – lighting and dousing candles, presenting offering plates to ushers for collection, and occasionally helping the Pastor with the presentation of the Gospel.


Two ushers fulfill an important role at each worship service. Duties include: Helping worshippers find seats; collecting the offering; and aiding in communion, either through the sending of worshippers to the altar or through the administering of wine at the rail.

Assisting minister

The assisting minister serves as the lay worship leader. The Assisting Minister reads passages of scripture, leads the Psalm, and leads the congregation in prayer. The Assisting Minister also aids in the administration of communion at the rail.


We Lutherans love our coffee, but we love socializing more! After each worship service, we gather in the Fellowship Hall for coffee, snacks and – you guessed it - fellowship. Each week’s coffee hosts are asked to bring some breakfast treats, ideally including some healthy options, and to set up and brew the coffee using our large electric pot, or to bring in a substantial supply from outside (i.e. more than one Box O’ Joe from Dunkin’ Donuts).


During the service, our more wiggly young worshippers will sometimes want to spend some time outside the sanctuary, so we need volunteers to help chaperone/oversee/have fun with our little ones in one of Grace’s classrooms.


Our music program is ever-growing, and we would love for you to join in as our choir starts a new chapter in its joyous musical life!