Confirmation is the process through which we prepare young people to claim for themselves the promises made for them in baptism. When they stand in front of the congregation for the rite of affirmation of baptism, they state that with God's help they will come to church, make use of the means of grace (holy communion), live among God's faithful people, proclaim the good news of God in Christ in word and deed, serve all people, and strive for peace and justice in all the world.

To prepare for this, we gather regularly on Sunday evenings. The focus of confirmation class is on exploring our faith and on relationship-building. Over the course of a little over two years (September of 7th grade through the end of October in 9th grade) we study the sacraments baptism and communion), the creeds, the ten commandments, the Lord's Prayer, prayer in daily life, the seasons of the church year, the Christmas story, the Easter story, and a quick overview of the Bible. Our textbooks include Luther's Small Catechism, the Luther Handbook and the NRSV of the Bible. It's not all serious study—we also play games and participate in hands-on social ministry activities. We also take a retreat.