With player tracking enhancements, additional streaming options and valuable new widgets being added to Insight, you might’ve thought we were done with this round of improvements. Not quite yet—we had to improve your recruiting and player analysis workflow first.

You’ll now be able to search for players within Insight. Here are the main takeaways: 

  • The new player search functionality uses footage and data from the Wyscout database, furthering the seamless integration across the Hudl Pro Suite. 
  • With the ability to see “minutes played” in the search results, you can easily identify which games will be the most beneficial to analyse.
  • You can then use the dashboard to see outputs by player, such as in-possession, shots, passes into the box, sequences and instances involving the selected player, high regains and many more.
  • Any clips can be sent to Hudl Sportscode for further analysis, Studio for telestration and Hudl for sharing across the organization.

If you missed our previous blog posts in this series on Insight improvements, be sure to check out our videos on the player tracking enhancements, our latest streaming and importing options and exporting tracking angles. 

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