In this series, we review how evidence-based decision-making and time-saving effi­cien­cies can elevate high performance workflows through Hudl’s ecosystem of products

Whether it be on the training field or during a match, being able to harness the benefits of live analysis is essential when it comes to making efficient and effective decisions in real-time that improve your chances of sporting success.   

Hudl technology aids your ability to deliver data-driven feedback instantaneously, rather than wasting precious time waiting to review and analyze, and an automated workflow enables teams to make informed collaborative decisions faster than ever through the use of video and data.

In this installment of the High Performance Workflow Webinar series, Hudl's Solutions Consultant, Andreas Hofmann, demonstrates how video and data insights can enhance live analysis both at the training ground and at the stadium during games.

In the session, we look into how Hudl’s integrated suite of hardware, data and analysis tools can benefit teams by providing insights to coaches to help them make tactical decisions, in real-time.

The first step in a High Performance live analysis workflow begins with capturing the footage. Hudl’s fixed Focus and portable Focus Flex cameras are fully automated, eliminating the need for a cameraperson, and record broadcast and full tactical angles in 1080p, meaning all outfield players can be covered at all times.

Quick to set up and easy to control via an app, the Hudl Focus cameras directly feed into Hudl Sportscode so that you can start live coding and ensure that you make the most of every moment. The seamless integration also means the feed and data can be easily shared with decision makers and that live analysis workflows can be as efficient as possible.

Coaches want to access their specific clips in the fastest, easiest way possible, without compromising on the level of detail. Hudl Sportscode’s Advanced Find tool helps streamline this process, allowing you to easily locate instances, groups, or specific labels from timelines, playlists and databases, based on your coding needs.

Rather than waiting until after a training session or a match, Advanced Find can be done live, boosting your ability to seamlessly tag and code key moments according to team philosophy, game plan or individual player development plans in real-time.

Another important tool in enhancing workflow efficiency and data-driven decision-making is Insight, which allows you to take big data and filter it down to arrive at detailed, tailored conclusions, based around the customizable parameters of your game model.

Represented with live dashboards and data, Insight can help coaches work out which players are performing to expectation in relation to the game or training plan as the action develops, while also making the feedback process to the players more efficient and effective.

Insight is fully integrated with Sportscode and Replay, saving precious time in a live training or match situation. Once in Sportscode, analysts can customize their coding as the session progresses to add valuable extra information and then the tagged video and data playlists can be forwarded directly to the coaches on the bench, where it can be streamed via the Hudl Replay app.

Replay gives you the ability to watch replays of key moments in real-time and provide detailed feedback of what has just occurred during breaks in training or at half-time of a match - a huge advantage when it comes to making quick and informed decisions in time-pressured environments.

In summary, in order for live analysis to work effectively in real-time it is important to have an automated High Performance workflow from capture, to coding, to review. 

Through Hudl’s ecosystem of integrated products, you can identify and utilize the available data, give responsibility to experts in your team to interpret it according to your game model, and seamlessly collaborate with each other to create and share live analysis reports that are connected to video, to boost your performance and player development.

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