We are so glad you're here!

Poke around the site, come visit in person on a Sunday morning. We're a Lutheran church, with folks from lots of different backgrounds. Jesus is important to us: the way Jesus welcomed everyone, the ways in which Jesus challenged people to care for one another and for the world, the ways in which Jesus understands our pain and suffering, the ways in which Jesus celebrated life itself - and calls us to live life to the fullest. Together we try to figure out what that means for us today. Drop by some Sunday morning at 9:30 for worship - and stay for coffee and munchies!


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Why I Come to Grace

I first came to Grace because my father brought me on Sunday. However, I now choose to return each week because I realize Grace to be a place where I can focus my thought and energy, into a constructive and uplifting flow of prayer, that has the potential to aid many in need.

-Thomas Olson

I first came to Grace when my sons were 3 years old and a newborn.  I was looking for a Lutheran community that would welcome and educate and love them.  I knew Grace was the right place on our first visit (and coffee hour.)  That 3 year old will be confirmed at Grace this fall!                                                                                                                           

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